How to Get More 5 Star Reviews for Your Business

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews are the social proof you need to show leads you’re a company worth dealing




Nevertheless, five-star customer reviews are the ones that genuinely highlight your service

above average in the eyes of potential consumers and it is important to regularly request them.



Google’s website ranking process has increased the importance of customer reviews.

Now they are even more critical than before to thrive.


five-star customer review shows that your customers or clients are 100% pleased with your

service or product.


So, they have no problem endorsing you.


So, how do you get more of them?


There’s no magic technique, however, you can introduce these simple methods in your organisation today.


1.  Provide Stellar Customer Service and After Care


The most obvious suggestion is to concentrate on providing the best service possible.


Don’t cut corners.  Go above and beyond for each customer.

Always make things right if things go wrong.


If you want a first-class review, supply a five-star service!


2. Lure Satisfied Customers


Unfortunately, individuals are usually naturally inclined to give feedback when they’re unhappy.

The majority of satisfied consumers just go on with their lives.


Sadly, that indicates people are most likely to leave BAD customer reviews!


If you wish to get great testimonials out of your satisfied customers, request them


with a clear request, or consider an ethical bribe such as a discount on a future purchase.



3. Use Visual Cues to Request Customer Reviews


Whenever you send an invoice or print a receipt, include the URL to your

review website, or if you have space on the product page of your site,

you can show customers how to leave without always asking.


This can be a subtle reminder to leave a review without needing any additional work on your part.


4. How we help businesses get more first-class evaluations


Getting more customer reviews does not need to be hard.

You simply need to have a proven technique and the right tools.


We help train your staff, we highlight best practices and show you and clients

your online reputation score and the best method to get more good customer reviews and discover

dissatisfied consumers prior to them leaving a negative testimonial.


This results in fewer negative reviews and provides more favourable ones!


If you want to see a demonstration of precisely  how we get verified customer reviews from Google,

Facebook and Yelp for your business just contact us here.


We love to assist!